We are pleased to offer you total integration services. We provide a vast array of services, ranging from language lessons, information about schools, as well as answering any other questions you have about your new community. We offer language lessons and cultural coaching in groups and individual settings. We offer networking opportunities so you can meet other people who are going through the same transition you are going through. We offer men's and women's evenings on a variety of helpful and interesting topics. We are here to help you make your transition as smooth as possible.

Kids Course


Are you looking for professional supervision of your child? We offer individual care with trained staff and an optimum infrastructure (playground, craft room, rest rooms, etc.).


- Kids care

- Coaching using Marte Meo

- German classes

- Holiday care and holiday camps



We are a private facility that mainly focuses on meeting an integration service for families who are new in Aegeri Valley. Many of these families have a need to feel at home again. This facility offers several different levels of help and support. In the area of school, we support you and your child to meet your individual needs. In addition to a lunch that takes place in a small group with a maximum of 12 children, we accompany and assist your child with homework and preparation of tests. This institution promotes intercultural understanding. We value language and acceptance of different cultures



What do I understand by Coaching?


In the economy, "Coaching" is for many years a known concept. Many executives trust in a coach. Nevertheless, Coaching is not dependent on age and position. Coaching should support you as a person in your personal development, to help you to create new possibilities.


As a coach I support you on these new possibilities, support you in your ideas and goals and indicate to you at the same time what has already gone well. Coaching is also about challenges. A convincing learning effect can be achieved if people in supporting way are being challenged to think about their activities and to analyse them.


Which advantages does have Coaching?


  • Coaching can promote the personal and professional development of the person.

  • Coaching supports the person to get used to the work in new roles or duties.

  • Coaching is suited to transfer more responsibility to individuals and to strengthen them.


Subjects in the Coaching can be:


  • Adults / Parents

  • Teenagers and Puberty

  • Problems with the parents / Child relationship

  • Job

  • Separation

  • Burnout

  • Move

  • Children / Youngsters

  • Motivation problems

  • Harassment

  • Future perspectives / Apprenticeship search

  • Homesickness

  • Generation issues

Coaching & More