Offers for Kids


Care and supervision of children

Are you looking for professional supervision of your child? We offer individual care with trained staff and an optimum infrastructure (playground, craft room, rest rooms, etc.).


We provide German lessons in individual or group sessions

Every beginning is difficult. However, children learn the language quickly. We offer a personalized program that is adapted to the requirements in school and fits with your child's own learning style.


We also provide holiday care and summer camp

Whether you are traveling on business or holiday, we offer a unique program tailored to your needs. A summer camp nearby is under preparation and offers your child the opportunity to get to know this area better and to make lasting memories and friendships.


Enjoy Wednesday

There is no school Wednesday afternoon. However, we offer a special and constantly changing program. Your child has the opportunity not only to learn about the customs of his new community, but will also meet other children from the community. 

Here you can view our calendar of events. 

The Wednesday events each cost 89.00 CHF per child. We meet at the village square in Unteraegeri. For more information, please refer to the enclosed fee regulations.


German Friday

Every Friday afternoon we play games or do crafts with the kids. It's a good way to playfully extend their german vocabulary.

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